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2015-16 Officers

Arleen Heiss

Vice President
Gail Raiman

Betsy Unikel

Carol Whitman

Currie Smith

Callie Curtis

Special Events
Juliana Efessiou and Paulla Schlossberg

Barbara Ciconte and Marian Kumar

Gail Nordheimer and Sheila Clark

Arleen Heiss

The Charter 100 is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization for professional women of outstanding accomplishment who are past, present and future leaders in their respective discipline.

The purpose of Charter 100 is to identify and bring together business, professional and civic leaders to build and foster a network of communication. Through programs on timely issues and speakers of national prominence, Charter 100 seeks to enlighten and to inform its members, as well as provide an open forum for the exchange of ideas.



The idea of Charter 100 was born in California in 1978. A small group of high-caliber women from diverse fields gathered for an informal lunch and found their sharing ideas and information to be so valuable that they decided to form an organization to bring them together regularly. As the concept developed, it became clear that Charter 100 would best suit its purpose as a professional network if its membership was limited and its standards high. Chapters of Charter 100 soon developed in San Diego, Orange County, Dallas, Phoenix, Houston (affiliate), Mexicala and here in Washington, DC.


Past Presidents
Lillian (Lilibet) Elizabeth Clark, 1984
J L Cullen, 1985
Nancy Perlman, 1986
Alison Graham, 1987
Debbie Sanders, 1988
Linda English, 1989
Cindy Hays, 1990
J L Cullen, 1991
Robin Read, 1992
Veronique Rodman, 1993
Peggi Powell, 1994
Emmy Lewis, 1995
Susan Bari, 1996
Barbara Lowrey, 1997
Gail Raiman,1998
Barbara Hekimian, 1999
Dianne Beal, 2000
Joan Simmons, 2001
Catriona Erler, 2002
Becky Eason, 2003
Sandy Schlicker, 2004
Janice Ockershausen, 2005
Marellen Aherne, 2006
Melanie Miller, 2007
Marian Kumar, 2008, 2009
Sheila Clark, 2010
Kathe Albrecht, 2011, 2012
Nancy Edmond, 2013, 2014
Nancy Edmond/Becky Eason, 2015

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